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Dog chest strap

Dog chest strap

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Most common chest straps on the market are not strong, durable, and uncomfortable, which will have a profound impact on the dog's health, development and psychology.

 This scientifically comfortable chest strap has no effect on the health of the dog.


Material: Nylon
Product category:Chest strap

Product name:Explosion-proof large and medium-sized dog chest strap
Product material:Made of 100% nylon material, the webbing is soft, the extension is good, and the wear is strong, making your pets different.

Size Information:

Size  XXS  XS  XL  XXL
 Bust  28-34cm  30-45cm  47-58cm  50-63cm  60-75cm 65-88cm  88-122cm
 Suitable 1.5-4kg  2.5-8kg    10-18kg 18-25 kg    26-35kg  36-50kg 50-70kg

Package Content:
1 x  Pet chest strap

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