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Rainbow Mesh Slip On Dress Body Stocking Sexy See Through Hollow Out

Rainbow Mesh Slip On Dress Body Stocking Sexy See Through Hollow Out

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Product information:

Fabric:  88% nylon/12 spandex

size: one size


1. Wash frequently and lightly
2. If you wash with a soap box and alkaline water, you must put some salt in the water
3. Rinse with clean water immediately after washing, do not let soap or long-term soaking and residue on the clothes
4. Don't expose to the sun, it should be placed in a cool place to dry
5. Remember not to mix dark-colored clothes with light-colored clothes for washing, this is common sense!
6. There is no 100% non-fading silk stockings on the market, it's just the difference between falling more and less! The fading of colored clothing due to improper washing will affect its appearance. Dyes are easy to dissolve in water: the dye is also easy to fade under the action of sunlight in a humid state: the joint between the dye and the fiber texture is strong enough, and the color will fade during washing, so, In order to make the clothes not fading, in addition to the long-term soaking in hot water, soapy water and alkaline water when washing, do not use washboard and hair scrubbing, you can put some salt in the water and rinse it with clean water when washing.
7. It is recommended to use a neutral detergent to wash by hand, dry in a cool place, not to expose to the sun
8. Please try to choose warm water to wash the stockings by hand, and it is recommended to use a special underwear washing strip. If machine washing, please be sure to use special stockings and underwear laundry bags.

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Jumpsuit group*1

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