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12V24V Bluetooth WIFI5 M RGBIC Colorful Music Neon Light

12V24V Bluetooth WIFI5 M RGBIC Colorful Music Neon Light

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Product information:
Single lamp bead Lumen: 16
Number of LED lamp beads: 84
Power factor: 0.85
Scope of use: entertainment places
Actual life: 50000
Color temperature:252 lights Bluetooth Magic color music set, 252 lights WIFI magic color music set
Input voltage: 24
Size: 8*16cm
LED lamp bead model: 5050
Protection level: Waterproof

Size: 3m 252 lamp, 5m 300 lamp

Packing list:
Music Neon Strip*1
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rodrigo palalucia
Thank you for the service

Setting up and installing the neon light strip is a breeze. The strip comes with adhesive backing, making it easy to attach to various surfaces. The flexibility of the strip allows for versatile placements, whether I want to line it along walls, furniture, or even create unique shapes and designs. The included power supply ensures a reliable and stable power source, providing consistent illumination.

Jame hernande
Thank you cruishhome for your service

One of the standout features of this neon light strip is its RGBIC (Red, Green, Blue, and Independent Control) technology. This means that each individual LED on the strip can emit its own unique color, allowing for a dynamic and multi-color lighting experience. Whether I'm in the mood for a soothing ambiance or a lively party atmosphere, this light strip delivers with its wide range of colors and effects.

Robert jhonson
Quick delivery

The 12V24V Bluetooth WIFI5 M RGBIC Colorful Music Neon Light is an impressive addition to any space, offering a mesmerizing display of vibrant colors synchronized with music. This neon light strip has caught my attention with its versatility, ease of use, and stunning visual effects.