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Aluminum Shell Two-Channel Stereo Headphone Plug

Aluminum Shell Two-Channel Stereo Headphone Plug

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 Product information:

Scope of application: 3.5mm headphone jack, mostly used for portable devices such as mobile phones and laptops
material: metal
Operating temperature range: -1000-1000 (℃)
Rated load: 220 (VA)
Insulation resistance: greater than 100 ohms (MΩ)
Life: 10000

Style A: 3 poles-gray-white tail
Style B: 3-pole-gray-black tail
Style C: 3 poles-purple-white tail
Style D: 3 poles-purple-black tail
Style E: 3 poles-green-white tail
Style F: 3-pole-green-black tail
Style G: 3 poles-orange-white tail
Style H: 3 poles-orange-black tail
Style I: 3 poles-golden-white tail
Style J: 3-pole-golden-black tail
Style K: 3 poles-pink-white tail
Style L: 3 poles-pink-black tail
Style M: 3 poles-black-white tail
Style N: 3 poles-black-black tail

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